Media Contacts and Public Materials and Statements

The Media Policy is intended to establish responsibilities and procedures for all media contacts and other public materials and statements by Lake Country Players. The “media” include, but are not limited to, daily and weekly newspapers, news wire services, radio and television, trade or consumer magazines, books, other relevant publications and social media.

This policy is for the protection of the organization, its board and members. LCP makes every effort to provide the media with up-to-date and factual information, and to represent the full board’s positions and opinions. Without a process, it is easy for misinformation to occur.

It is the intent of Lake Country Players to maintain an open and cooperative relationship with the news media in our efforts to advance our mission. LCP strives to be an honest, candid and factual resource on matters concerning its policies, practices, operations and issues of community concern.

In our efforts to provide true and concise information most reflective of our board and in line with our mission, we must in effect, “speak with one voice.” Organized media relations aid LCP in achieving its strategic program and operating goals.

In order to protect the interests of Lake Country Players, all official interviews and statements made to media representative, including but not limited to print, television, radio and periodical reporters, shall be coordinated through Lake Country Players’ Board Chair and/or his/her designated spokesperson. This policy is limited to statements made in an official capacity as a board member, and only pertains to statements or comments made on behalf of LCP. Members of the board are free to express their own opinions to the media at any time in their individual capacity.

Additional Guidelines for Working With The Media
It is in LCP’s best interest to cooperative with the media to encourage fair and accurate reporting that will generate stories based on fact rather than speculation and third party opinion. If a board member, staff member or other volunteer is approached by a member of the media to make a comment or statement in their official capacity as a representative of LCP, such inquiry shall be cleared through the board chair. There will be many occasions when a board member, volunteer or staff person is the appropriate person to comment on an issue or story. Once the request has been reviewed with the board, such person is encouraged to proceed with the media representative. With due process, the board, staff and volunteers will be able to share up-to-date and factual information with members of the press.

Acknowledgement: Media Policy

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